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Latest projects

Var smak har sin tid

Production audio

Kristina Issa

Queen Zenobia

Leka Gömme

Short film


Short film


Sound design


Sound design

Henrik Berggren

Wolf's Heart tour of '17


Hva Drømmer Du

At Horse

A Tambourine Session

Hi-Lili Hi-Lo

Standing on Common Fire - 360


Sound design


front of house engineer

Kristina Issa

Ocean Unknown

bob hund live

front of house engineer

Sofia Härdig

And the Street Light Leads to the Sea

bob hund stumfilm

Man With a Movie Camera

Peter Lång

Nordic Intervals - The Now

bob hund

Blommor På Brinnande Fartyg ft. Popkollo


It takes how many to tango? Two at least right?
These are some of the awesome people I’ve had the
pleasure of working with and thus, been able to do what I do.
You want to be the next?