My name is Mathias Schlegel, I’m an audio engineer/producer/sound designer based in Malmö. I have a lot of experience working with artists and creators in many different kinds of mediums.


I started out recording music in Tambourine Studios in Malmö around 2010. Since then I’ve done, beside album recordings, sound design on several film projects, both feature and short films. I’ve also been involved in many different kinds of art projects ranging from mobile apps to location specific installations amongst other things.

In 2014 I began the work with building Tambourine Studios audio post facilities which nowadays hosts a complete 5.1 mix studio and foley recording stage.

Besides studio work I’ve also done a couple of tours as FOH engineer and tour manager with different bands during the last couple of years.


The thing that drives me the most in my work has always been the creative process and the collaborations between the people involved in the projects. I constantly seek and pursue new challenges and exciting projects to develop myself and my creativity with.

Disclaimer: I've never actually been to the Orion Nebula, this is merely a photo montage.