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Disclaimer: I've never actually been to the Orion Nebula, this is merely a photo montage.

My name is Mathias Schlegel, I'm specialized in sound design, audio engineering and audio production.

After my University studies in music and radio production were complete in 2010 I started recording music in Tambourine Studios in Malmö. Since then I’ve done, beside album recordings, sound design on several film projects, many different kinds of art projects ranging from mobile apps to location specific installations to radio drama.

Besides studio work I’m also a production sound mixer and live sound engineer. I’ve also done a couple of tours as FOH engineer and tour manager with different bands during the last couple of years.

2019 I opened up my own audio post facilities. It consists of a full 5.1 surround edit and mix suite, foley and sound effects recording setup and a vocal recording room for ADR or voice overs. I also have a complete setup for recording sound on set that can meet most of the requirements to get a nice and warm sounding dialogue in the most challenging of situations.

The creative process and the collaborations with other creators has always been the thing that drives me the most. With an ambitious drive, creative precision and sensitivity I constantly seek and pursue new challenges and exiting projects to develop myself and my creativity with. Coupled that with my technical expertises and my fondness of cool sounding things I have what’s required to make your sound tracks sound as emotional and engaging as possible.

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Högerudsgatan 18, Limhamn, Sweden

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